Momentary (Registered on 5/18/2005)

The 16th "Rikisaku Contest (Shimamura music)" entried.
At that time, it was only Singer Song Writer 4.0 Lite (INTERNET Co., Ltd) and Virtual Sound Canvas (Roland Corporation) MIDI, but now I remixed the sound.
Everything is made of computer music.
I'm glad if you can listen and like it.

Current version
ABILITY+Saxlab2+Roland Sound Canvas VA

Change log

  • 6/10/2018
    I released "Momentary (2018 June Mix)".
  • 3/26/2007
    Improved sound quality
  • 6/20/2005
    Published to muzie
  • 5/18/2005
    Published on the web

Variations etc


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